Early aughts landmark Sway Lounge is gasping its final breaths, as Gothamist reports that the club will shut its doors for good on December 27th.

The Moroccan-themed watering hole opened in the late '90s during the heyday of pre-development Meatpacking nightlife, and drew a mix of young indie fashion kids, skateboarder artist dudes with their model squeezes and celebrities like Chloe Sevigny and, later, Lindsay Lohan.

The club also had a second renaissance of sorts in the mid-aughts when it started its much-loved Morrissey Night. This era dovetailed with the birth of Misshapes, Ruff Club at the Annex and other proto-dance-rock-emo scenester parties. If youhad shattered bangs and looked like the missing member of The Hives, you were most likely sitting pretty at Sway. But as it goes in New York City nightlife, bright stars must fade and eventually move eastward -- because then Brooklyn exploded even more and suddenly getting shit from a door person, or paying $10 for a Budweiser, might not have seemed worth it anymore.

Per Sway manager Pebbles Russell, "To be clear, the closure has nothing whatsoever to do with Sway being 'a failure,'" she wrote to Gothamist. "A place that has been open as long as it has, in downtown Manhattan, is in no estimation 'a failure.' I think all the people who have frequented the club over its tenure can attest to that too."

The final two Smiths parties will be on the 20th and 27th, if you want to bid one final visit to the club. Though so it goes -- after all, as Morrissey himself once said, "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell."

[h/t Gothamist]

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