RIP Robert Garlock

We were greatly saddened recently to learn of the death of Robert Garlock, one of our favorite publicists, who for two decades loomed large in the world of celebrity PR while always maintaining a discreet distance. He played an integral part in developing the careers of superstar clients like Uma Thurman (with whom he is pictured above), Penelope Cruz, Hugh Grant and Keanu Reeves. We've had to deal with some publicists about whom we'd be hard pressed to say anything nice, but we always had a warm spot it our heart for Garlock. Maybe it's because he, like Mr. Mickey, was a Broadway show lover. Maybe it was because he was always courteous and professional and told it like it was. Who knows, maybe he was such a good publicist that it was all spin. Whatever the case, it makes us very sad that he's gone. We'll miss him.

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