RIP Maurice Sendak: A Look Back At His Illustrations That Scared Us Most


PAPERMAG was very sad to hear that legendary children's book illustrator and author, Maurice Sendak, had passed away earlier today.  Many of us remember reading his books (or listening to someone else read them to us) and, frankly, being scared shitless by some of his eerier illustrations. He was like the literary world's version of the grandpa who delighted in scaring his grandkids with scary stories, teaching them lessons without shielding them from the evils in the world or sugarcoating anything. We were particularly freaked out by Outside Over There, a story about a baby that gets kidnapped by goblins while she's supposed to be watched over by her older sister (which may have been influenced by Sendak's being traumatized by the Lindbergh kidnapping when he was a kid).  As a tribute to one of our favorite authors, check out a gallery of some of Sendak's illustrations that still make our palms sweat a little.

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