RIP Elizabeth Murray

I was sad but also glad to read the op-ed piece in the New York Times today about Elizabeth Murray, the painter who passed away earlier this week from lung cancer. Elizabeth was one of my art school mentors when I was a graduate student at Cal Arts in the '70s and I always really loved her. Although I was not a traditional painter, she was such a wonderful and generous teacher supporting all my crazy multimedia and conceptual art projects I attempted in those days with gusto. I used to bump into Elizabeth every once in a while in the Village and we'd have a quick chat, but our lives never really crossed again after school. But every time I would read about her success or her shows or her retrospectives, I'd smile because she was a lovely, lovely and beautiful person and deserved it all. Ask anyone who knew or had the chance to meet her. Whether the op-ed writer or one of her student interns. RIP Elizabeth.

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