Robyn Rihanna Fenty had quite a weekend, performing at Philadelphia's Made In America festival, then trekking back to Manhattan Isle for the Sunday evening birth celebrations of dear friend/paparazzo Diggzi.

RiRi, iconically, wore a YSL-made red heart coat/shirt/dress (channeling Looney Tunes' Gossamer), as ONE DOES.


The singer, who just seven days earlier slayed the VMAs and accepted her Vanguard Award from rumored beau/matching tat-bud, Drake, was next seen on her Snapchat, in the early, pale light of Monday morning, sauntering down Broadway in Soho, still wearing her red heart, a baseball cap, slippers, and feeding birds.

Yes. Yes.

I have been in Ri's slippers before, sans-heart coat and her net worth, but I can relate.

If you pretend the Rapture happened, and Ri is wandering the empty streets of Manhattan, it makes this scenario even better.

We do not deserve Rihanna.

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