In a stroke of divine brilliance, Ellen DeGeneres managed to wrangle in both George Clooney AND Rihanna on her show, then proceeded to have the pair play immortal shame spiral "Never Have I Ever" with her.

Promoting her album ANTI, and his movie Hail, Caesar! (respectively) Clooney and BadGal (who, in many ways, are remarkably similar) go all in on the sex-you-wall prompts Ms. DeG throws at them.

Some highlights:

Never have I ever texted a nude selfie:

After Ri-Ri voices her doubt in George's answer, he jokingly mentions that he does all his 'business' on Instagram/

"Up in the DM!" The baddest Gal chimes in.

I have passed away.

Never have I ever gone nude-swimming in Lake Como:

Never have I ever been drunk before noon:

Never have I ever hooked up in the back of a car:

"Stop lying!" Rihanna tells George, and clips his sign over.


Also, Rihanna's "Butch" camo-top needs to be preserved in the National Archives.

Watch the clip below.

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