UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that RiRi's new shark tattoo on her ankle is allegedly of a stuffed shark Drake bought her during a date they shared to the Toronto aquarium a few weeks back.

My life is very small!

Rihanna and Drake are continuing their *questionable* love tour, this time locking lips on stage during Aubrey's concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami last night.

Robyn Fenty joined her clandestine beau for a thunderous rendition of her mammoth hit "Bitch Better Have My Money."

Following her song, Ri thanked the roaring crowd, and before she exited stage left, she went in for the big kiss with Mr. Graham.

The audience, not surprisingly, lost their shit.

The pair also got slinky during a rendition of their horny anthem of the year "Work."


Their PDA seemed a little more...comfortable, than Rihanna's very clear swerve away from Drake's much sought after mouth during his presentation of her Vanguard Award at Sunday's VMAs.

You kids!

Header photo via Twitter

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