UPDATED: Rihanna and Adam Driver Will Co-Star in an Art House Musical

UPDATED: Rihanna and Adam Driver Will Co-Star in an Art House Musical

UPDATE, 3/17/17:

Rihanna's reps have clarified that, like Rooney Mara before her, Rihanna is no longer involved in Annette. This means we may never witness Rihanna interacting with Adam Driver through song and probably dance. Excuse us while we pick the shattered pieces of our hearts up off the floor.


In today's unexpected yet delightful news, PAPER fave and latest cover star Rihanna and Adam Driver will co-star in the 2018 art house musical Annette.

While Driver's acting credentials include his eponymous and memorable role as Adam in Girls and the tortured Kylo Ren in the latest installment of Star Wars, Rihanna is no thespian slouch. The songstress has a reel of her own, with her most recent role as a member of the all-female cast of this summer's Oceans 8.

Directed by French indie favorite Leos Carax (Holy Motors), the musical will depict the love story of an opera singer and a comedian, and will be distributed by Amazon.

We. can't. wait.

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[h/t Dazed]

Image via John Salangsang/BFA.com and Sam Deitch/BFA.com

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