Right At Your Door

Brad (Rory Cochrane) is an unemployed California musician who kisses his girlfriend Lexi (Mary McCormack) goodbye one morning as if it were any other day. After she leaves, however, he hears on the radio that several dirty bombs have been set off in downtown L.A., releasing airborne chemical agents. While frantically trying to contact Lexi on his cell phone, Brad and a handyman neighbor (Tony Perez) seal up the house to protect themselves against the toxic fallout. But then Lexi shows up, coughing and covered in dust, and Brad is unable to let her in. This excruciatingly intense chiller by Chris Gorak feeds into post-9/11 paranoia, making much of it almost impossible to watch. But stunning performances by McCormack and Cochrane and a smart twist at the end help after the director paints himself into a claustrophobic corner halfway through the film.

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