Rick Owens

Speaking of peens meeting My Little Ponies (yeah, we're looking at you, Katie Eary), the king of crotch-flash Rick Owens has also apparently designed his own Little Pony. All black, predictably.

Though Bronies were here first, the fashion world is now following suit in saluting the beloved equine toons. Owens is also joined by a bunch of other high-profile designers, including Versace, Fendi and Balmain. All of the plushies are being auctioned off on eBay by Italian store LuisaViaRoma, with proceeds from the auction being donated to Save the Children and the Nepal Earthquake in tandem with their own Make Kids Happy campaign. Peep a few of the other high-fashion ponies below.

Balmain AW15


Emilio Pucci




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