Rev. Billy, the Buzz Killer

Tis the season of santa and shopping and not coincidentally the time of year when Rev. Billy gets into high gear. As the patron saint of the Church of Stop Shopping, the Reverend sees it as his sacred duty to be the all-time buzz-killer. Here we are out there trying to be frivolous, buying objets d'art at enormous sums that could otherwise feed starving children somewhere but those shoes look so good and I simply must have this fedora. My list keeps growing like Pinocchio's nose, each puchase leading to another in the relentless pursuit of desire. So while Billy is preaching moderation, if not outright abstinence, we say, "The sky is falling. Shop till you drop." Ever faithful to opening the bandwave to differing viewpoints, I point you to the very excellent The Church of Stop Shopping where the Rev. preaches his case.

The banner for Rev. Billy upcoming sermon hangs from St. Mark's Church on Second Avenue.


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