Restaurant Review: Strong Place

Strong Place is a one-block slice of Cobble Hill you've probably never been to and you'll probably never see. Most likely it was named after Selah Strong, a lawyer whose house and farm once spread along what is now a row of tightly packed brownstones (according to Brooklyn By Name). But it's not where Strong Place the restaurant is located. It's a stone's throw away on Court Street. One evening, three guys at the bar worked through what seemed the entire menu and we followed suit, plowing through an icy island of head-on shrimp ($16.00) and a plate of flaky cod over lentils and a jewel-colored wine reduction ($15). Next came a rustic arrangement of crispy duck confit melting into a pile of roasted fingerling potatoes ($12). All along the bar were locals drinking dozens of craft beers -- Founders, Sixpoint, Full Sail -- very Brooklyn frontier-appropriate names, the majority of which were tallied up by the omnivorous threesome mopping their mouths and rubbing their stomachs. A singular weak moment came when the seriously pleasant server delivered a dish of thin, liquidy bourbon crème brulée ($7). Amends were made when she swept it away in exchange for a beer shake of whipped chocolate malt ice cream in a jar, splashed with heady ale. Along the walk home, we considered a detour toward Strong Place proper, but its ambassador had already convinced us that it's probably a wonderful street.

Strong Place
270 Court St.
(718) 855-2105

Photo via the New York Times

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