Restaurant Review: Momed

Momed sits unpretentiously in the heart of Beverly Hills, a small, airy haven amid the bustle of tangled BMWs and barking film execs. The casual eatery more than lives up to its name, a smashup of modern and Mediterranean, with its fresh lemonades, vibrant heaps of vegetables, and a dazzling array of eastern-influenced tea, wine and beer. We started with a veggie-friendly selection of three small starter dishes ($12): delectable hummus brimming with fragrant olive oil; tzatziki, a refreshing, creamy blend of yogurt and fresh cucumber; and Persian cucumbers with chili and poppy seeds, all served with warm house-made whole wheat pita. Personal favorites of mine were the baleela ($8), a heavenly dish of warm chickpeas with toasted pine nuts, preserved lemon and brown butter, as well as the savory saganaki ($8), a sautéed halloumi cheese with diced tomatoes, olives, mint and chili. For the meat lovers, there was a steaming duck shawarma with oven-dried tomatoes, fig confit and garlic spread on wheat pita ($14) and a grilled beef and lamb koefte with oven blistered tomatoes, herb salad and harissa yogurt sauce ($11). I was unfortunately too sated to sample the gleaming arrangements of baklava and pastel confections winking beckoningly at me from their display case, but they aren't safe from me for long. Until next time, Momed!

233 S. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 
(310) 270-4444

Photo by Sean Kilgore-Han

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