Relive 1999 in 10 minutes

By Elizabeth Thompson

We've remembered 1997, now let's remember the culturally rich year of 1999 in 10 minutes, including Smash Mouth's music, two good movies, two good TV shows, one good music video and some video games. [Gawker]
Books we could write: "A Guide to Dry Shampoo," "Fine" and "I Did My Taxes Right, Right?" [Butthorn]

Night night, Godzilla. [PizzzaTime]

Hey hermano, there are engraved Arrested Development pencils for sale on Etsy! [Neverr]

Bored cat in a shark costume, riding a Roomba, chasing a duckling. [Dlisted]

Robert De Niro met Lil' Bub. We repeat, Robert De Niro met Lil' Bub. [ImWithKanye]

Wear, cry, repeat. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Meanwhile, how can we own this? [FYouNoFMe]

Us listening to Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." [KimJongChill]

Plop. [Mlkshk]

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