Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Monarchy of Roses" Is Our Music Video of the Day

Gary Pini

First a couple of facts and then we'll get to the really interesting thing about this video. "Monarchy of Roses" is the second single from Red Hot Chili Peppers' latest album, I'm With You. It was directed by Marc Klasfeld. Note that at the beginning of the clip, it says
"Inspired by the work of Raymond Pettibon." Pettibon (ne' Raymond Ginn) is an acclaimed and award winning California artist and illustrator who designed the iconic "four-bars" logo for Black Flag. His brother, Greg, was the band's founder and guitarist and Raymond continued to design record sleeves and flyers for Black Flag and SST Records into the 80s. His work is now exhibited in major museums around the world and he won the Bucksbaum Award after participating in the Whitney Museum's biennial in 2004 and then had a solo exhibit there in 2005.Ok, now get watching!

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