Reasons to Be Thankful: Jean Harlow 100th Anniversary Collection On DVD

I know what I'll be doing over Thanksgiving -- diving into this new, glorious DVD set, Jean Harlow 100th Anniversary Collection (Warner Archives). This seven-movie DVD treat includes some of my all-time favorites starring the platinum blonde sexpot who tragically died of renal failure at age 26 in 1937. Bombshell was a frenetic, hilarious satire about a big movie star (Harlow) hassled by a greedy family, an oily publicist (Lee Tracy) and a demanding studio. Frank Morgan plays her drunk dad in this wonderfully funny, fast-paced film directed by Victor Fleming (Gone With The Wind). Harlow finally meets who she thinks is the man of her dreams (Franchot Tone) only to have him coo to her, "I'd like to run barefoot through your hair..." Others films in  the set include Personal Property, with Harlow matched with the handsome Robert Taylor; Suzy, costarring Cary Grant as a World War I flyboy; Riffraff, with tough cookie Harlow matching wits with Spencer Tracy; Reckless, with suave leading man William Powell; The Girl From Missouri, with Lionel Barrymore, in which Harlow tries to land a rich husband, and Saratoga, starring Clark Gable. It was her last performance. 

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