Reasons MM Hearts LA


It’s no secret that Mr Mickey has a total hard on for even the most obscure and ancillary of celebrities (and MM is not ashamed to admit it!!). So what better place than LA to indulge in a smorgasbord of stars of all magnitudes??? Luckily MM is staying at the gorgeous star crammed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and has been hanging out nightly at Teddy’s, Amanda Demme’s fabulous new club. In addition to Amanda and her fabulous crew which includes MM’s vote for Sexiest Man Alive: Johnny Zander and NY legend Navia Nguyen, MM has seen a cavalcade of superstars this week including… Drew Barrymore, Owen Wilson, Mary Kate Olsen,  Kelly Osbourne, Kirsten Dunst, Scott Caan, Balthazar Getty, Tricky and Samantha Ronson, who looks so skeeny and gorgeous. Not to mention that she’s an AMAZING dj. Okay so MM is getting a little synchophantic about loving LA  but he can’t help it.It’s gorgeous!!!


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