Meet the Stan Who Documents Every Timothée Chalamet Outfit

Meet the Stan Who Documents Every Timothée Chalamet Outfit

by Kanika Talwar

In the celebrity stan complex, few are as resourceful, devoted and meticulous as the fashion-focused IG accounts that chronicle every single outfit their faves wear. Zendaya has @ZendayaStyleFiles, Lady Gaga has @LaMaisonGaga, the Hadid Sisters have @TheHadidCloset — the list goes on.

In many ways, it's a right of passage for the rich and famous to have someone track down everything their wear for social media. And for fans, emerging as the go-to for a particular celebrity's outfit credits is an honor in itself. Just ask @ReadyTimmyWear, who's quickly emerging as the official resource for Timothée Chalamet's 'fits.

It counts 20k+ followers so far, including Timmy's agent and several big-name fashion editors. The account started at the beginning of the Chalamaniac craze in February 2018, where everything from glimpses of Chalamet's Instagram Stories to photo calls have been scrutinized and dissected. Chalamet has since becomes besties with Haider Ackermann (remember that show-stopping ivory Venice look?) and wears things like Louis Vuitton harnesses on the red carpet.

PAPER caught up with the anonymous user behind the style account to get a glimpse into the actor's (and new Cartier "Friend of the House") looks and why his red carpet and off duty fashion are such a big part of his fandom.

When did you first become a fan of Timothée Chalamet?

Predictably, right after I saw Call Me By Your Name for the first time, around the end of 2017. Although I did watch Homeland and Interstellar, I didn't pay attention to him at the time (sorry Timmy!)

Why did you start this account?

It was purely because I recognized some of the outfits he wore during the Call Me By Your Name promotion era. Twitter was where I got all the news and updates about Timothée. I saw no fashion account existed on Twitter so I started Ready Timmy Wear (RTW) on Twitter. At the time I thought, might as well make RTW available on Instagram and Weibo. Not much work is involved in copy-pasting from Twitter to Instagram and Weibo. I had no idea that much later RTW's biggest audience would be on Instagram.

Do you have any background in fashion or styling?

Nope, zero background. The extent of my relationship with the fashion world is me buying, reading, enjoying fashion magazines. I used to buy the Vogue September issue every year. Not anymore since I discovered our public library offers free digital magazines.

How did you come up with your name? It's really clever!

I didn't even think much of the account's name. Just that "ready to wear" is a fashion term, and I realized I could replace the "To" in RTW with "Timmy". No special story behind it.

What about Timothée's style drew you in?

His style is never boring. It can be a hit or a miss, but one thing is for certain: his outfit is never plain or boring. The outfits will always get people talking, commenting, and debating whether they like it or not. Timmy rarely wears the usual, conventional black suit-and-tie to an event—there's always something more to his outfit. Bright colors, bold prints, extra detailing, or that one time he wore a Louis Vuitton harness to the Golden Globes. I love that Timmy is always willing to wear whatever.

Why do you think what he is seen wearing is a big part of his fandom?

Pretty early on, fans including myself realized that Timmy could very well be on his way to getting recognition for his style and fashion. He was in the front row at the Berluti fashion show in 2018. The variety of his outfits captured our interest, so fans started to get curious about what he would wear for the next event. For his everyday looks outside of the red carpet, fans want to know the details. Sometimes because they want to buy it for themselves, or want to buy something similar but cheaper, or simply they just want to know anything related to Timmy.

What's the process in getting an ID on his outfits and keeping up with all his events?

I keep up with all his events thanks to several update accounts in Timmy's fandom. ID-ing his outfits involve lots of googling, lots of Vogue Runway browsing, and keeping a list of brands Timmy likes to wear. Nowadays at official events of red carpets or photocalls, there are lots of media covering it, and I can get the fashion details from the published articles. So I prefer to wait for it. Back then, it was lots of Vogue Runway browsing.

Thankfully, there was a set of brands Timmy liked to wear often. His favorites are Berluti, Haider Ackermann, Louis Vuitton, and Thom Browne. I would try to look at these brands' collections to find what he wore. For his non-event outfits, I rely on details on the clothing item to help me with my search. I browse several online stores (Farfetch, SSENSE, End Clothing, etc.) and look at pages after pages hoping that I'll find the item. Incessant online-store browsing pays off.

Many fans have started to speculate that you are the Oscar-nominated actor, himself. Can you set the record straight once and for all, are you or are you not Timothée Chalamet?

I did see some comments about this. In the early days of RTW, I thought I already established myself as a fan. But let's set the record straight once again: I'm not Timothée Chalamet. I'm just a fan.

What's the best look he's ever worn?

Hard question, but off the top of my head: The 2018 Oscars white Haider Ackermann suit; 2019 Venice Film Festival gray Haider Ackermann suit; and 2021 Cannes Film Festival silver Tom Ford suit.

Does he know your account exists/has he ever reached out? If not, what's one thing you'd want to say to him?

Has he reached out? No. Does he know RTW exists? Maybe. He did like one RTW Instagram post in September 2018. And recently, Timmy was on a French TV talk show Quotidien where they showed him this video about him as a trendsetter and fashion icon. Somehow, they included the RTW Instagram page in it and Timmy laughed about it. But recently, I found out that Timmy's agent, Brian Swardstorm, is following RTW on Instagram. So at the very least, his agent knows of RTW's existence. One thing I'd like to say to him: Timmy, stay adventurous in your sartorial choices! And anytime you want to share the details of your outfits with me, you're more than welcome to do so.

Photos via Instagram/ @readytimmywear