The written word isn't dead, as proven by The Advisor, a brand new digital archive showcasing handwritten letters from established male luminaries addressed to young men seeking mentorship and advice in the arts.

Featuring contributions from the likes of legendary photographer Richard Kern, filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, director NABIL and model Marcel Castenmiller, the project was curated by pop artist Alex Kazemi (of deeply bizarre mudditchgirl91 fame) for an entire month of advice, anecdotes, self-addressed essays and more.

Spurred by a similar archive aimed at young girls curated by his longtime collaborator Kristin Prim called The Provocateur, Kazemi told us that he felt the concept was something young men needed as well.

"I wanted to start The Advisor because reading certain quotes of inspiration that male icons have said during the worst of times has made me tap into a power I never knew I had," he wrote via email. "I wanted other guys to be able to have that too and a place to go to that can make them feel empowered. This is just self-help."

Check out the first few letters below, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment, coming your way this Friday.

Richard Kern's letter to his younger self

Bruce LaBruce's letter to young men

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