For a cool $35,000 you can own a young, emotional Tupac Shakur's hand-written letter to one "Beethoven" (not the dog, but a nickname because she liked to play piano). Posted on auction site, Moments In Time, the letter In a note included with the letter, the seller gives a little bit of background for her artifact, saying that she and Shakur were in drama class together, and connected over both being outsiders. She enjoyed his teenaged freestyles and how he read Shakespeare but "never really cared for the music he recorded."

Young Tupac had a lot of feels. The letter is a charming celebration of finding a friend who also loves Prince and candles (truly the greatest sign you're meant to be). It's also loaded with pictograms (eyes for "I," a phone for a "phone," you get the picture). If nothing else, this just goes to show that Tupac would have been a master of the emoji-text game.

[h/t Mic]

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