UPDATE, UPDATE: B.o.B disses Mr. deGrasse Tyson's logic intervention in new track 'Flatline, while also promoting the arguments of known Holocaust denier, David Irving.


B.o.B, you lost us.

UPDATE: Cosmic Debbie Downer Neil deGrasse Tyson just pulled the Deus Ex Machina of logic that no one asked for:

Thanks, Neil. :/

Rapper B.o.B has surfaced from the fog of mid-aughts fame to call bullshit on the accepted 'theory' that the earth is round.

"NOT SO FAST!" BoB cries.

The MC took to Twitter to vent his increasing conviction that our weary world is truly flat, and not in a spiritual sense.

Unlike fellow flat world truther, Tila Tequila, however...

...B.o.B used fairly logical scientific proof to his argument.

He started off his rant last night, with a shout-out to famous mathematician Andrew Gleason...

He continued with this little ditty of visual proof:

And keep going, we will!

Grow the fuck up, everyone.

He continued into the wee hours of today...

Oblate or bust.


Flawed as hell.

You know?

ENTER: South Jersey...

When you don't know to do, go with balloons.

Next time you Instagram a sunset, fucking think about it. OK?

He ended with this gorgeous, glistening statement:


Anti-vaccination is OUT: 2016 is the year of the flat Earth; get with it.

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