Raja Gives Kelly's 'Shoes' a High Fashion Makeover

Raja Gives Kelly's 'Shoes' a High Fashion Makeover

Fifteen years down the line, "Shoes" still remains one of the most iconic videos to emerge from the early internet era. And though it's typically hard to one-up the original, Raja is up to the job with her high fashion makeover of the cult classic hit.

For those of you who need a brief refresher, "Shoes" was the inescapable video that catapulted "Kelly" — the angsty teenaged alter-ego of comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan — to viral infamy back in 2006. But seeing as how Raja is best-known as one of the most stylish queens to ever appear on RuPaul's Drag Race, it makes sense that she would be the one to recreate the song with a techno twist courtesy of Tyler Stone, as well as a fierce fetish-inflected video that captures her renegade sensibilities.

Produced by LA-based label FemmeKraft, Stone helms the visual update as well, which sees the Drag Race Season 3 winner milling around her apartment in a series of jaw-dropping looks — all completed with an arsenal of incredible shoes, of course. And even better? There's also an incredible cameo by Kelly herself, now with pink hair and a punk rock flair.

So if you're feeling nostalgic for the internet of yesteryear, watch Raja's video for "Shoes," below.

Director: Tyler Stone
Presented by SCRUFF in association with CANN
A FemmeKraft Production
Executive Producers: Sutan Amrull, Tyler Stone & Paul Hanson
Producers: Tyler Stone and Rosa Costanza
Editor: Tyler Stone
Lyrics: Liam Kyle Sullivan
Music: Tyler Stone
Mastering by Markaholic Music Publishing by Raleigh Music Group
Director of Photography: Brent Bye
Stylist: Sutan Amrull
Makeup: Sutan Amrull
Wardrobe by Kiki Xtravaganza
Dancers: The Kiss Boyz

Screenshots via YouTube / @FemmeKraft & @LiamKyleSullivan