Usually actors bartend before they become stars. Anthony Mackie is doing things the other way around. Coming off a wave of success after recent films like The Hurt Locker, Notorious, and last month's The Adjustment Bureau, Mackie is settling into Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood with an extracurricular occupation: local barkeep. "I've always wanted to be a bartender, but I was afraid I'd get fired. If I open a bar, nobody can fire me!" he laughs. This month, the actor will open NoBar, a wordplay on Nostrand Avenue (the bar's address) and New Orleans (his home city).

Mackie still lives part of the year in New Orleans, in a recently renovated Victorian bed and breakfast. The other part he spends in Bed-Stuy, where he's been living since moving from Harlem in 2007. "The only difference between Bed-Stuy and neighborhoods like Park Slope or Fort Greene is amenities. The brownstones are bigger and better over here. There's more history over here. I'm in the business of amenities."

NoBar's inspiration came from a trip to Paris where Mackie discovered the ornate brasseries of the Belle Époque. He marveled at the hand carved details of a bar located along the Champs  Élysées, and wanted one: "So I got a lot of wood and I made this," he says,  gesturing to a rustic wide plank bar whose wood he salvaged from a barn upstate and constructed himself. It sits at the back of the small storefront beneath exposed bulbs with a massive old-fashioned cash register perched atop. Mackie wants NoBar to be a place where locals can come shoot pool and have a good meal and a drink for $10. He's already planning further neighborhood investments across the street; he's opening a speak-easy-style wine bar and performance space called InTheNO. We'll expect to see Mackie there too -- provided the boss hasn't fired him.  

It's important to support your local celebrity barkeep. You can do so by heading to Andrew W.K.'s party den Santos Party House; the ping-pong mecca SPiN New York where Susan Sarandon's a co-owner; Gavin "I Don't Want to Be" DeGraw's East Village boite National Underground; Jay-Z's sports lounge 40/40; or Chelsea mainstay, The Half King, owned by author Sebastian Junger. Make sure to leave a nice tip.


Styling: Luigi Tadini
Grooming: Lisa Raquel at See Management
Stylist's assistant: Maximilian Loulakis
Anthony wears suit, shirt and tie by Calvin Klein Collection.

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