Enjoy a Trippy Escape with Rainsford's 'Japanese Time' Video

Enjoy a Trippy Escape with Rainsford's 'Japanese Time' Video

Where some artists lean on flash and shock, Rainsford is happy to let her rich, layered music speak for itself.

In the moody visual for her new track "Japanese Time," an ode to the strange feeling being a time zone ahead of your loved ones can give you, Rainsford dances behind a psychedelic motif, interspersed with whiplash-fast images of a cityscape.

Inspired by her first trip to Tokyo, Rainsford said the song is an "exploration of my feelings about the capacity to get lost in the solitude and freedom of a place where you are a complete stranger."

The result is heady mix of past, present, imagined future and interdimensional dreaming, carried with the through line of Rainsford's grouding vocals.

Watch the video for "Japanese Time," premiering on PAPER, below:

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