Rag & Bone's After-Party: Stripper Poles, Dollar Bills and Fashion Big-Wigs

Martin Marks

Late last night -- and well into the early hours of this morning - Messrs Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, the creative duo behind the fashion line Rag & Bone, led a team of revelers in celebrating their latest collections. The party was held at the Westway, a former gentleman's club (read: strip joint) turned fashion hipster go-go bar (read: strip joint), and spun to the beats of DJ Jonathan Sollis. As the evening progressed, two scantily clad women of the night took to the poles in the main room, because, as we all know, it couldn't possibly be a fashion week without thongs and dollar bills.

Among the celebrants were Brad Goreski, actor Aziz Ansari, Jackie Astier, LeSportsac CEO Timothy Schifter, W Magazine's Garrett Munce, Harper's Bazaar's David Thielebeule, milliner Gigi Burris, Kristian Laliberte, as well as other assorted fashionables.

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