Rachel Getting Married


This heartbreaking film from Jonathan Demme is his best in years. The story is about Rachel (a splendid Rosemarie Dewitt) and the friends and family who attend her wedding at her parent's picturesque Connecticut home. Sister Kym (Anne Hathaway) arrives, recently released from rehab and who later gives a pre-wedding dinner toast that is cringe-inducing. But as family tragedies are slowly revealed, you come to forgive and really care deeply about these people. There are moments that are wrenching to watch -- fights between sisters and one between Kym and her estranged mother (Debra Winger) -- but there's none of the sourness that poisoned the similarly premised Margot at the Wedding. Every action is organic and dramatically vibrant. And the ethnic musical stew at the wedding with R&B, reggae, jazz and Sister Carol singing reminds you that the man who made Something Wild has matured into an extraordinarily fine director.

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