Questionable Wall Decor Spotted at Rice to Riches

Spotted on Instagram: this deeply questionable sign at Rice to Riches on Prince St. We can only guess that the store's approach is that "stereotyping is okay if it's equal opportunity stereotyping" with its caricatures of an Orthodox Jew saying "Oy Vey!," an African saying "Click Click Click!," a Japanese woman in a Kimono saying "Me Love You Long Time!," and so on and so on. (Outside the photo frame is, bizarrely, Tony the Tiger saying "Grrr" and a German man in lederhosen holding a beer stein and saying, "My Little Liebchen.") 

PAPERMAG called the store's manager who told us they have not received any complaints about the décor since it was installed six months ago.  Yo, Is this Racist? Tumblr notwithstanding, we've found little outcry online, which is surprising.

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