Céline Dion, the Grammy-/Oscar-winning woman for whom our hearts will always go on, is still out here hustling and for that reason it is our solemn duty to purchase whatever she is pushing. Next up? Accessories.

That's right, my sweets. The songstress who recently shut down the damn Billboard Music Awards in more ways than one, has ventured into Nordstrom-launched lifestyle products—all of which will include a sound wave of Dion's voice stitched into the interior. What else?

So far there are roughly 100 handbags, small accessories and luggage, and soon the line will expand into jewelry, shoes, and clothing for women and kids. WWD has described the whole situation as "functional, practical and chic collection crafted in a mix of leathers and suedes." A dream!

This is what your mother and mine had to say about the whole venture:

"I'm excited at this opportunity to launch my collection with Nordstrom. My collection is all about affordable luxury, and we've created beautiful designs with excellent quality, and I can't wait for everyone to discover all of this at Nordstrom."

If you are of significant mean can drop $58 to $478 on these Dion-pieces, why wouldn't you? This is CÉLINE people.

[h/t Fashionista]
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