Qendresa is ready to take herself to the top, but she won't be settling for anything less than authentic on her way up. In a minute-and-a-half video that showcases her glamour and conviction, Qendresa proves she doesn't need a "fake friend" or a "fake love" in her pursuit of the stars.

The smooth and self-assured visual for "Don't Stop" off London-based Qendresa's forthcoming project, Midnight Request Line, premieres today on PAPER.

Produced by Hugo Mari and filmed by Klement Brahaj and Laurent, the video centers on Qendresa inside a chill, hazy world that looks like something out of a cult classic film. To that end, "Don't Stop" seems to juxtapose two eras, like Pulp Fiction-meets-Chicago, with Qendresa's R&B vocals as a throughline.

Though the look is nostalgic, its lyrics tell a more modern story. "Keep my moves low-key, 'cause they just wanna take/ They give me evil eye, want me to fall on my face." Qendresa speaks from experience, but the story of "Don't Stop" is part of a larger narrative that Midnight Request Line intends to tell.

"This project was inspired by my experiences with relationships and friendships," Qendresa said of the full-length album, which drops November 20. "Being let down by people I trusted became the norm and it drove me crazy. I didn't want to see anyone and sat in my room (prior to lockdown) and just created, taught myself production, expressed everything I was going through in the music."

She continued, "I honestly thank the universe for giving me this ability to express my emotions via art. I dread to think of the other ways I would have gotten over my heart aches."

Stream Qendresa's "Don't Stop," below, and pre-order Midnight Request Line, here.

Photo courtesy of Qendresa

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