Queer punk duo PWR BTTM has released another new track, following their moody single "Projection," and you might end up shedding a glittery tear.

The jangly song, "New Hampshire," reflects on the loss of love, with singer/lead guitarist Ben Hopkins going as far as thinking about when the sun will finally burn out.

He seems content with the unstoppable passing of time, though, as he croons, "Don't be sad...I've done my share of living."

The song's ending evokes early Modest Mouse, in that melancholic acoustic twang, over Liv Bruce's scattered percussion.

Of the track, Hopkins told NPR:NPR:

"It's a song about greener grass. I wrote it during a period of time where I hated where I lived and who I was there, and I just felt so helpless that I figured whenever I did inevitably wither away, the parties that be could ship me somewhere better. Reflecting on it, the hopelessness I felt was actually in me, and the place I was in or where I wanted to be couldn't help things if I wasn't willing to help myself first.

I feel you, boo.

The band will start recording their follow-up to 2015's excellent Ugly Cherries next month.

Listen below.

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