Instagram All-Stars, Netflix Wants You

Instagram All-Stars, Netflix Wants You

To shoot social media photos for them.

"Choosing the perfect filter isn't a skill you can put on your resume," they said. "Hundreds of likes are not the same as professional references," they said. Well, now every social media maven can prove the haters wrong. Being an Instagram star can really and truly get you paid (in cold, hard cash, not just likes). Netflix is hiring what they groan-inducingly call "Grammasters," four Insta-wunderkind who will travel Europe and the Middle East for two weeks, snapping pics of iconic TV and movie locations. Netflix handles the travel, and pays a weekly stipend.

The application process is as nontraditional as the rest of the job description. Forget that resume listing your many years of social media managing experience. Don't even bother with that carefully curated portfolio of your finest photographic works. All you have to do is follow Netflix on Instagram, tag three photos with #grammasters3, then chill and wait for that sweet, sweet Netflix cash to roll in. Who knows, play your cards right and you could be out there, sending artfully posed and filtered pics from the set of Lillehammer.

[H/T Dazed Digital]

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