Los Angeles music duo and real life sisters Puro Instinct (Piper and Skylar Kaplan) have released an excellent new track "Tell Me," that's more polished and layered than anything they've done before.

The song is off their forthcoming LP Autodrama, the followup to 2011's Headbangers in Ecstasy, that the band describes as an exploration into the weird twilight of growing up and living in LA.

Talking to Gorilla vs Bear, the duo stated:

"Headbangers-era was about being sucked into the flames, and Autodrama is about rising from the ashes of that experience, with the lessons in tact and our 'demons' working for us, instead of against us."

Skylar's incredible guitar work, paired with Piper's steely vocals drum up some beautiful albeit mournful vibes.

Listen below.

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