In true fairy-tale fashion, Pumpkin the Raccoon fell out of the sky and into the hearts of Instagram addicts everywhere. After dropping from a tree in Nassau Bahamas, and breaking a back leg last year, the little critter was taken in by a local named Laura Young, who nursed her back to health. During her recuperation, Pumpkin met and fell in love with Toffee and Oreo, Young's adorable rescue pooches. Young started posting about Pumpkin so that family and friends could keep up with her progress, and in no time the masked cutie's profiles exploded: to date, she has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram. Whether she's frolicking with Toffee and Oreo, swimming in the bathtub or sitting at the dining room table to nibble on her favorite snacks of sunny-side-up eggs and watermelon, Pumpkin has earned her stripes — and her fans just can't get enough.

Below, our favorite posts from the Pumpkin the Raccoon account.

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