Provoking Magic in the Middle of Fashion Week!

Yesterday, in the midst of it all, my dear friend, the wonderful lighting designer Ingo Maurer, opened his wonderful show at the Cooper Hewitt called "Provoking Magic." His team has been working round the clock all month to transform the second floor of the old Carnegie mansion, and it was incredible. Maurer exhibited works in each of the rooms with tremendous sensitivity and humor. GO SEE IT. THE SHOW IS FANTASTIC. Maurer and his incredible loyal team worked their asses off to make it amazing -- and it is. I am also going to be holding a conversation with Ingo at the Cooper Hewitt next Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. and it is open to the public (I think it costs ten bucks). Of course, a tour of the show is included. So come by and meet Ingo. He's one of a kind.

Here's the info.

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