photo by Daria Marchik

Praise Peaches Christ, cause we've finally got a new album on the way.

Her first album since 2009's I Feel Cream, the multidisciplinary provocateur has been keeping busy with a biographical rock opera, a one-woman redo of Jesus Christ Superstar, and apparently recording her latest -- dubbed Rub (which, bonus, also includes guests from the likes of Feist and Kim Gordon). Already overloaded/inundated with orgasmic joy? Well hold onto your panties, cause she's also given us tour dates, a photobook announcement (What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches) and a bombastic new video starring UK aerialist Empress Stah.

Stargasms! Such beauty coming out of her ass! Lasers shooting out of Empress Stah's butt plug! This shit is insane, so just be wary of watching the self-directed video for "Light in Places" on your lunchbreak. 

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