Protect Us from our Protectors

The fallout from 9-11 continues with the main victims -- besides the Iraqis-- being    American citizens. The once temporary Homeland Security legislation now seems to be at least semi-permanent. One can't imagine a time when it will be rescinded.  As further evidence that the war is failing to make life safer at home, the US. Government has found it necessary to add additional powers to its already overwhelming authority to snoop into our lives. Now we have  reports ( (Washington Post) that the "White House is considering expanding the power of a little-known Pentagon agency called the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, which was created three years ago. The proposal, made by a presidential commission, would transform CIFA from an office that coordinates Pentagon security efforts -- including protecting military facilities from attack -- to one that also has authority to investigate crimes within the United States such as treason, foreign or terrorist sabotage or even economic espionage."

If you think the government's octopus will show restraint, events on the ground indicate otherwise. Recently a  Denver woman was arrested for refusing to show an i.d on a bus. Though she was going to work at a federal insitution, the demands made against her were nothing more than a compliance test, a demand that she kowtow to officialdom, according to a published report. "Why? Because we say so" could be the answer to future questions about invasions of privacy. With the combination of hi-tech spying capabilities and the government's willingness to trample the constitution in the name of "fighting terrorism" we appear at a crossroads where we could turn back the clock to Orwell's 1984. Considered an anachronism 20 plus years ago when we arrived at that momentous date, it once again seems right on target. Ok, call me paranoid. But I read the papers.


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