Yesterday, The Today Show took a tour of Prince's Minneapolis home, Paisley Park, which will soon open to the public as a museum. After the tour, Al Roker sat down for an interview with Prince's sister Tyka Nelson, and he asked her if she could still feel Prince's presence as she walked through the home. She replied, "Oh, definitely. Any time you look at his clothes or shoes or hear a song ― sometimes they'll play music in here ― and then of course, the doves."

Of course, the doves. Prince had two pet doves living at Paisley Park named Majesty and Divinity (perfect names), who actually have "ambient singing" credits on his album, "One Nite Alone." These doves / proteges could often be heard singing around the the house, but went silent when Prince failed to return home. "If they're quiet, it doesn't feel the same," Nelson explained. "After he passed, they weren't talking. When I first came in, I'm like, 'Where's the doves? What's going on?'"

Apparently Majesty and Divinity have started singing again, but more in a Sinead O'Connor kind of way than before. When Roker heard the doves during his tour of the home, he observed, "It's literally doves crying right now."

BRB, locking myself in the bathroom for a nice long wall slide as I sob-sing "Nothing Compares 2 U."

[h/t Huffington Post]

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