Prince Harvey, best known as the artist who recorded his entire album in the SoHo Apple Store last year, is back with another message of can-do optimism called "Stay Gold" -- and it's definitely needed this particular election week with its seemingly never-ending series of nerve-wracking turns. The first single from his forthcoming Golden Child EP, the Holly-produced "Stay Gold" is a soothing track calling on us to stay positive -- or stay gold -- despite whatever life throws your way.

"I wrote 'Stay Gold' as a note to self," Prince Harvey told us. "No matter how bad things get, never forget you're special, never forget you are loved, and whatever you want in this world you can have. That's what my mom taught me."

Explaining that there's little to gain from both major party candidates, as "one wants me in jail" and "the other wants to kick me out of the country" as the child of immigrants, Harvey says that "it's important to remember that what's most important is love." Which, in these bleak times, is definitely something we agree with. Listen below.

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