In recent weeks, we've witnessed a reinvention in the glorious mound of burnt sugar and abs we call Justin Bieber.

Well, less of a reinvention, really--more of an emergence...of something.

While currently embarking on his sold out Purpose world tour, Bieber has found himself at a definite crossroads of sorts; what happens when you're 22, and have reached a level of fame so far unparalleled to any person before you?

You take photos of squirrels.

And walk barefoot through city streets, or down a deserted road in the mountains, wearing only a towel; you take photos of bugs that've squashed on a window of your city-sized tour bus; or bonfires with your best bros; or get face tattoos.

That is what you do; that is what Justin Bieber does.

The awakening of Justin is upon us, and he's, thankfully, chosen Instagram to document this a documentation; a sacred, golden scroll mapping out his journey into this dusky, elevated plane.

Let's take a little journey ourselves, shall we? Into the recent Insta-renaissance of Justin Bieber.

It seems to have begun roughly 10 weeks ago, when Justin asked us all one, simple request:

Easy enough! Look at the stars for me, too, Justin. Good deal?

It continued with this little ditty of a #tbt, featuring himself, and clandestine, on/off beau, Selena Gomez:

"Feels." FEELS. The post, also, casually became the most liked post in Instagram history. I imagine Justin must've found out that people on the Internet said "Feels," only then; 'It'll be perfect,' he thought, posting this photo--whose graininess is oddly unsettling.

Next came an NBD night out, with Marilyn Manson. You know, cause why the fuck not.

Hey, Ye.

Next came, well, yeah...

"Felt good to feel so small, man."

More nature was on the agenda, though...we weren't through with God's country, just yet!

And this...

[Insert me cradled in his arms]

"Take a pic of my supple ass, bro." "K."

Taye Diggs?

Taye Diggs.

A little wisdom from the big B never hurt...

...never hurt, indeed!

We then found ourselves here:

Martha Marcy May Marlene 2.

God is love.

Then came the most devastating entry in his novella of triumph...

To be a fly on the wall...hearing the tips of those colored pencils gently scratching the paper.

Cue the mini bonfire...

Cue me watching Justin watch the fire:

"In a moment things can just...end, you know?"

"Check the one before."

Art is art.



Justin would soon have to defend his own Godly reverence...


Who took this?


Justin (to tiger): "Can you...understand me?"

Taye Diggs, take 2?

Taye Diggs, take 2.

"Beer! I can drink beer."

At this point, Justin had gotten a small, cross tattooed on his face while in New York's West we can (dimly) see here:

The artist who inked him sold him out to the press, saying the tattoo was regarded his "journey in finding purpose with God."

JOUR-NEY. We are not far off.

Justin then headed to Boston, where he was seen enjoying a brisk spring day in the city's famous park, Boston Commons.

Other than snapping shots of the amber sunlight, Bieber did this:

And this...

Also, this...

All he needed was a plastic bag full of empty cans!

His lil' barefoot run, understandably, caused a bit of a ruckus, and Bieber resorted to a message to the world, via iPhone note:

More recent smatterings...

Face tat-inspa?

[Cue Hilary Duff "Come Clean"]

Lisa Frank realness.

Then came the true epoch of Bieber Insta-ssance:

Since then, Justin's been having some of the "best nights" of his life...but where do we go from here? Where does Justin go from here?

More importantly, what's wrong with me?

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