What do you get when you mix vaudeville with classic early-aughts pops and a dash of feminine mysticism? Weirdo popstar Lola Blanc's gorgeous new Machete Bang Bang-directed video for the title track from her forthcoming The Witch EP, that's what.

A former songwriter for Britney Spears, it comes as no surprise "The Magic" is off-kilter, cirque-du-freak pop at its finest. Revolving around themes of feminine self-empowerment, cynicism and maintaining faith, it's also a deeply personal video for Blanc, who fled the repressive, Mormon cult she was brought up in as teen.

"When I was growing up I was obsessed with the idea of magic, especially in stories about witches. Women and girls who could manifest things they wanted in the world with their sheer power… How can you not be obsessed with that?" Blanc explained to us via email. "The video is about the struggle to make magic work for me as a fictional witch, the same way I struggle with believing in magic, or religion, or everlasting fairy-tale love, in my real life. I want to believe. I want to be the head witch in charge" -- and we think she does a pretty damn good job at it. See for yourself below.

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