If you are an uncoordinated mess without an ounce of musical talent, I'm sorry, prepare to feel a lot worse. The Shrine, the Venice-based band that appears to have walked straight out of the 70s to deliver some piping hot authentic Americana rock'n'roll, teamed up with Dogtown Skateboards for their latest video "I Can't Control It" in a frankly depressing showcase of dexterity.

The visual sees The Shrine frontman Josh Landau, older brother of Supreme-sponsored pro skater Jason Landau, shredding Venice on a Dogtown deck with enviable ease and sideburns one might only dream of. For someone who has skating in his DNA, Josh says a Dogtown collab is "a total mindblow."

"Dogtown is the originator in style for skateboarding and California altogether...we set out around Venice on a mellow day and ended up at an derelict house above Sunset in the Hollywood Hills with an abandoned swimming pool," Josh says of the video. ""I Can't Control It" is a straight up love sick song, a note I scribbled one night near the dawn when I finally admitted to myself I had to get my life back from out of the gutter."

Watch the video below and sob softly at this unattainable kind of cool. I know I am.

Images via Olivia Jaffe, Mike O'Meally

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