Australian three-piece Methyl Ethel make the sort of chic, downtown dream-pop that feels right at home between a copy of Remain in Light and a Marc Bolan poster. And one song that's very reflective of this aesthetic is "Ubu," a reflective, nostalgia-filled gem that feels ripe for a lonely, late night walk through the city. However, Methyl Ethel's Jake Webb frames it more as "an anthem for the coward."

"I'll sit on your shoulder and preach the gospel of good will and polite action," he tells us. "Some questions are rhetorical. Some actions are exploratory." And fitting of this enigmatic statement, the accompanying Yvette Paxinos-directed visual is a strange, surrealist dream -- filled with warped faces, body-switching and wild contortions that are simultaneously eerie and ethereal. Watch it for yourself below.

Methyl Ethel's Everything Is Forgotten is out March 3.

photo by Anna Victoria Best/courtesy of 4AD