Earlier this week, Brooklyn's Sweat Equity label introduced another side of Richard Kennedy to us with his luscious new song "Temple" -- and now we're excited to provide the simple yet equally-as-sultry visual component for this incredible slow-burner.

A regular face around New York's underground as a host, curator, event producer, songwriter, casting director and more, "Temple" and its video just proves that Kennedy is a star in his own right. Taken from his forthcoming EP Open Wound in a Pool of Sharks, it's a Prince-esque crooner packed with steamy, late-night synths and a ton of drum pads -- so appropriately the video takes a very 80s turn with a taut, beautifully-choreographed take on the classic Flashdance motif. See for yourself below.

Richard Kennedy's Open Wound in a Pool of Sharks is out October 25 via Sweat Equity.

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