If you're yet to have your daily does of adrenaline, K.Flay is here to lend a helping hand. In her very intense, disconcerting new visual for "Black Wave", expect a lot of neon, some serious black contacts and tension so thick you'll need to keep hacking at it to get through.

Rising from a sea of sugary pop to become a beacon for women wishing to crack alt-rock, Chicago-native K.Flay is the punk angel of our collective dreams. With "Black Wave", the multi-instrumentalist addresses the struggle to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle and the video reflects that battle.

"'Black Wave' is about facing something giant and unnameable," K.Flay says of the video. "This video was our attempt to capture that tension and fear and energy."

Watch the video below and enter disturbia.

K.Flay's latest album Every Where Is Some Where is out now, check it out here.

Image via Kenneth Capello

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