PREMIERE: Watch HALFNOISE's New Video for 'French Class' and Let the Good Times Roll

PREMIERE: Watch HALFNOISE's New Video for 'French Class' and Let the Good Times Roll

If you, like me, find nothing more titillating than a grown man in full plaid roller skating with rhythm down a steep hill, you're in luck. Former Paramore drummer Zac Farro's project HALFNOISE has delivered us the visual for fresh banger 'French Class' and by god, is it magical.

It's easy to forget teenage Farro drummed the soundtrack to our mid-naugties angst (tb to spikey, gelled bangs) when listening to HALFNOISE. His new direction is upbeat and quirky – think Tame Impala meets Papooz meets the electro-elevator-disco you've forever been searching for. 'French Class' in particularly appropriate for the next time you're doing the twist with your lover in front of a roaring fire, a glass of red in hand atop a bear skin rug. In other words, Friday night.

The Nashville-native unveils his directorial debut with the video for 'French Class' and let me tell you, if you're not left in utter awe as this man/god uses eight wheels to twirl his way into your heart I'm impressed at your resistance.

"The only visual I could think to put to this song was my good pal Tony grooving on his rollers," Farro says. "This was the first video I directed and I am super stoked on it!"

Start sifting through those overpriced skates on Ebay friends because this video is going to make you want to roll right down into HALFNOISE's rad electro-pop rabbit hole and purchase his new EP, The Velvet Face, available March 24.

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