Everybody's got agency when it comes to Father's pleasure-centric songs, and his late nights "come thru" anthem -- appropriately dubbed "Slide Thru" -- is no exception.

Featuring spots from Awful fam members Stalin Majesty and Archibald SLIM, the JMP-directed "Slide Thru" is a strangely sensual visual experience that pairs well with his languid delivery of lines like "Maserati papi, she like 'let me ride you'." Mostly composed of Father riding around Atlanta in a Maserati and chilling at a bowling alley, all interspersed in between color-blocked close-ups and shots of his fab baby pink "cunt" sweater, it's a luscious, low-key video that just makes you wanna get high, turn on cruise control and glide right into that Netflix & Chill situation you got going on. So c'mon boo, kick back for the ride and watch it in full below.

Father's I'm A Piece of Shit is out today.

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