Last month, Swedish import Tove Styrke released Kiddo, a pure pop record that feels like it's meant to be listened to exclusively on a rooftop.  And today, we're happy to premiere the music video for her cover of Britney's "...Baby One More Time." 

Opting for a funky, synth-heavy interpretation of everyone's beloved late-90s karaoke classic, an Adidas tracksuit-clad Tove grooves beneath a sea of strobe lights. Her loneliness may be killing her, but she seems perfectly content bumping Brit in a dark, empty room. While that three-note piano riff will remain legendary, this track goes from a pigtailed bubblegum sing-a-long to a Bjork-ified banger REAL quick.

Watch the video below, then read our very important piece on the history of Britney Spears wearing short-sleeved turtlenecks. Girl loves her SSTs!

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