Thrust into the spotlight at age 15, The Voice alum and New Jersey-native Jacquie Lee spent much of the last five years navigating her the highs and lows of the recording industry — no easy feat for a teen discovering her identity.

The Christina Aguilera co-sign addresses her struggle in her new video for "Am I the Only One," which depicts the young singer surrounded by clocks, reflected in a series of fun-house mirrors and hanging from strings like a puppet.

"This video visualizes the beginning of my journey for this EP," Lee says of "Am I the Only One." "It captures the frame of mind I was in moving from New Jersey to LA...I was very lost and anxious and time just felt like it was moving faster and faster. I'm not the best at dealing with change and I felt like I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. I was just rolling with it."

Watch the video below and look out for Jacqui Lee's latest project, coming this fall.

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