Saturn Rising's video for his new single, "Down", is a powerful study of the ways race, sexuality, gender and the policing of desire intersect with each other. The first song off of his forthcoming concept album Ryan, "Down" pairs the seductive energy of a club banger with noir-visuals of a brothel shot in an LA mansion. The video, directed by Raphael Chatelain, shows a queer man of color navigating relationships with straight-identifying white men who fetishize the black male body behind closed doors. The video exposes the inherent power dynamics present - yet often overlooked - in these interactions.

"I'm killing the concept of patriarchy. Straight identifying men often hold the power of shaping the narrative of how they participate with openly queer men," Saturn Rising said. "Trade and I have gone through such frustrating experiences based around our different understandings of what it means to be authentic. The video illustrates this." Watch for yourself below.

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