Flapjak's here to lift the veil an give you all a lesson about what it's really like to be a woman of color today with the premiere of her new video for "Arrogant Brown Girl."

Taken from her debut mixtape Yung Flesh, the sonic vibe may be hazy and the visuals lulling, however, the message of "Arrogant Brown Girl" is anything but -- addressing attitudes re: changing beauty standards and sex stereotypes for women of color. As Flapjak herself tells us, the video "is the physical representation of the empowerment I feel from being a black woman. The slow , drawn out visuals are supposed to zero in on the more intimate moments we girls experience as human beings."

"Oftentimes brown women are used as props so I just wanted to slow everything and immerse the viewer in our presence," she continued. "For a brown girl, to be confident in one's Essence is to risk being called 'arrogant' and society holds that over us. I made this song for those of us who are un afraid to simply be, and for those who need to be reminded of the beauty derived from our melanin." Immerse yourself in the full cut below.

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